Stay healthy and happy

Saffron is the inseparable ingredients figured from the dishes and beverages which are made to boom love and health​.

"Using Saffron is one of my confidences for making spectacular and delicious dishes for my VIP customers."
Kia GHarib
Chef of Persian Azadi Hotels

History of Saffron

Historical evidence proves that saffron was introduced in human life more than 3500 years ago. There are different believes about where was the first nation cultivation it but, most scientists argue that it was Central of Asia while others point out Iran Or Greece. With all this type of argument between scientists all of the compromise on this fact that it was the most costly herbal and in a lot of nations it been called “Red Gold”.


some benefits in saffron consumption

Anti Depression

Putting away your chemical tablets and pills, curing your depression with the natural and old drug in the history of mankind.

Smell Fresh

with the ability to control our body liquid and making the balance between fungous, after several consuming your breath, feet and genitals will be less smelly than ever.​

Headache Control

You will be able to say goodbye to your headaches especially the ones are caused by alcoholic drinks.​

Sugar Blood Control

It could control the sugar blood at a safe level for your health, especially for people who are suffering from diabetes.​

Superior Cycles

It would help ladies to have a less painful period cycle and in the ling term would positive impact on monthly cycles.​

Better sleep

It helps people to have a deep sleep with better quality and more extended REM in bedtime.

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