Iranian Saffron Rice


4 cup of rice 🍚
0.1 gram Yalda saffron ( prefer powder)
2 liters water πŸ’§
1 teaspoon salt
Recipe Iranian saffron rice:
Poor water into the rise, add half of the salt and leave it for 2-3 hours
Boil water put the rice in it also add the rest of the salt, leave it for 10 minutes
Put the saffron in a cup and add some boiling water on it, put saucers on the cup and leave it for 10 minutes
Use a colander and eliminate water from your pot
Put a pot of water add some olive or sunflower oil, replace rice from colander to pot and also add your saffron on top of it, but the led of it and leave it for 20 minutes on low fire Your saffron rise is really to use! Enjoy
This meal will be great for 5 people

Saffron Rice Podding


2.5 cups broken rice 🍚
Half of the cup sugar
12 cups waterπŸ’§
50 gr butter
2 gr Yaldasaffron
Recipe of Saffron Rice Podding
Wash the rice and add water and leave it for 12 to one day
Put those in a pot and put it on high fire and let start boiling
Add saffron to it When half of the water got boiled add sugar
Mix it with while the water is vapor
Pour it in bowls and put it in the refrigerator for an hour

Now your dresser is ready to serve

Bon appetite!!

This portion will be great for 4 people

Chicken Kabab With Saffron


900 grams of chicken breast
100-gram Greek yogurt
20 ml of olive oil
1 medium-size lemon
2 spoon thyme
5 gram of garlic powder
0.5-gram yaldasaffron
0.5-gram paprika
0.25-gram turmeric
0.5-gram SaltCut
Chicken Breast in 2Γ—2 centimeters pour Greek yogurt into the bowl then grate the lemon zest and add it also add all the other ingredients and start kneading with chicken breasts for a while
Put the film on the bowl and leave it into the refrigerator from 3 hours to one day
You can grill it in the oven or use a skewer and cook in on hot coal just like Iranian do) You can serve it with rice or bread and cooked tomato

Saffron Milk (kesar at doodh)


4 cups whole milk
1 tsp ground green cardamom
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 tsp yaldasaffron
Bring the milk to a boil
Add saffron and cardamom in it and keep stirring it 5 minutes, so the milk doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan and burn.
Add the sugar and stir till the sugar dissolve
Remove from heat and serve it hot, medium or cold.
Some chefs add almond in the first step to the milk to for this amount of milk you should add half of the cup
This is a great drink which comes from India and these days become well known all over the world It drinks as welcome drink, anti-cold or flu or drink in order to reach well sleep at night

Saffron Virgin Cocktail


Half liter of water
0.5-gram Yaldasaffron ( better powder)
3 spoons sugar
1 teaspoon chia seed or basil seed
Add sugar to boiling water on the cooker, start stirring constantly with the wooden spoon till filling the texture of the water is changed Add saffron and keep stirring till all the liquid become even in color Pour it in the pitcher and leave it in a refrigerator.
Now you have a great beverage in your refrigerator Before serving you can add some chia seeds or basil seed in a cup add a beverage and drink! Some people enjoy all little lemon juice too.
Drink and feel fresh and energetic!!!

Saffron Tea


Bring 1 liter water to a boil
Place 1 teaspoon tea and 4 or 5 filaments of yaldasaffron in a large pot
Pour half of boiling water over and leave it for 10 minutes Fill half of teacup from pot and fill the rest of it with boiling water
Now enjoying the taste and calmness that it brings

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